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Three Pink Hermes Bags

Hermes bags are like wearable art: the craftsmanship and quality put into making one means we can display it and stare all day long, however at the end of the day it is a bag. It’s meant to be worn and shown off anywhere you go. While there is no foolproof way of preventing any and all damage or signs of wear, following these 8 tips will help ensure your beautiful leather companion looks its best throughout the years, and avoids a trip to the Hermes bag spa. Here are the 8 things to do:

1. Absolutely no loose pens!

A pen is an essential daily item - we get it. However, having pens on the loose inside your Hermes bag is a recipe for disaster because pen ink is near impossible to remove. Pen marks inside your bag severely drop its resale value too. 

Care solution: keep pens safely stowed with the cap on (avoid clicky pens) and, preferably, inside a pen case. If you do not have a pen case, a sealed plastic baggie will do. Consider using a bag insert inside your precious Hermes Bag. It will help maintain the inside of your bag nice and clean. Remember, the Hermes Spa does not clean the inside. 

Hermes Birkin in Orange Porosus Crocodile Leather

Look at the inside of this unbelievable orange porosus crocodile Birkin HAC. Imagine getting pen marks on the inside surfaces? This could literally cost you thousands in resale value losses. 

2. Avoid carrying heavy or bulky items in your Hermes

Watch your wait! Be sure to be mindful of how much weight you are carrying in your Hermes bag. It is made of the finest leather and will stretch and deform if you are carrying heavy items. 

Care solution: Refrain from large water bottles, heavy laptops and any other large, irregular objects that will strain the leather.  

3. Store away from sunlight and in room temperature

Hermes Constance bags in 3 colors

When not in use, be sure to store your Hermes bag in room temperature and away from direct sunlight. You wouldn’t want to bake under direct sunlight all day - the same goes for your Hermes. Remember, Hermes leather is skin, and excessive heat and sunlight will have adverse effects over time. It can deform the leather, and ruin the eye-popping colors that Hermes is known for.

Care solution: when not in use, keep your bag in its original box, preferably in its dust bag. If you have a softer Hermes leather bag, like an Evelyn, Retourne Kelly or tote, gently stuff it with clean tissue or fabric so it retains its shape.  

4. Keep away from rain/water!

Water is harmful to your Hermes bag. It is especially dangerous towards exotic skin bags. Some Hermes leathers, like Epsom, are known for being more scratch and water resistant, but we recommend keeping your H bag out of the rain regardless of its material. Water will cause the leather to swell and blister, as well as leave undesirable stains, lowering the resale value. 

Care solution: if you know it will rain, don’t bring your Birkin (or any Hermes bag for that matter). Always keep a bag raincoat inside your beloved Hermes bag. If you dont have a raincoat, a simple plastic bag will do. It will help you big time if you get caught in the rain.

5. Organize items in your bag 

Handbag Insert Organizer

Keeping your Hermes bag organized is the key to its happiness (and yours, too!) Too many loose items is bad not only because they will press irregular shapes into the bag’s leather, but also the chances of spilling pen ink, hand sanitizer or makeup etc. increases when you have to rummage through 30 things to get what you want.

Care solution: consider using a specialized bag organizer or insert. This will not only help maintain the bag’s shape and rigidity, but also keep your belongings organized and secure. You can also use other smaller leather goods like wallets and glasses cases to organize your belongings.

6. Protect the handles! 

Two Hermes Birkin Bags with Twillies

Lightly colored Hermes bags are very sensitive to discoloration on the handles. This is caused from the direct contact with your hands, especially any moisturizers or creams you may use, as well as naturally occurring skin oils and moisture coming from your hands. This discoloration will occur rapidly with frequent use and will impact your bag’s resale value.  

Care solution: use twillies or other handle scarves! Not only are they fun and chic additions to your bag’s look, but they will protect your handles from the elements! Check out our twilly accessorization guide to learn more about wrapping your handles!  

7. A quick wipe down at end of day will go a long way

When you and your Hermes bag return home for the day, give it a few minutes of attention. Remove your belongings and inspect the inside - the quicker you find and remove any contaminants, the less of an effect they will have on your interior.

Care solution: use a clean, dry cloth to wipe down the exterior of your Hermes bag. Microfiber towels work best for removing dust, debris and any moisture on the surface of your bag.  

8. Absolutely no commercial cleaning agents! 

Unless you are a skilled leather artisan, we do not recommend using any products on your Hermes bag. If your bag has any serious damage, blemishes or stains that cannot be removed with a dry towel, it needs to be sent into the Spa.

Care solution: Contact your nearest Hermes boutique to set up a Spa appointment for your bag.  

Remember, Hermes doesn’t make any ordinary handbags - they are better characterized as wearable works of art, absolute perfection, which is what makes them so expensive. Yes, Hermes bags are also objects and should be used as such, but for them to remain in tip-top shape you should take extra care to follow these tips. In doing so, you’ll ensure your Hermes looks as beautiful year after year as it did when you first got it. And, in return, your Hermes will do something for you: your H bag will retain its resale value or even potentially increase overtime as many Hermes handbags appreciate over the years.

There is so much more to know about these amazing handbags, so be sure to check out our comprehensive Hermes Kelly and Birkin Authentication Guide!

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  • Posted On August 26, 2020 by Susan

    I was looking for the right Hermes leather bag and finally got an Evelyne. These leather bags are stylish and have sufficient space to put my items. I would personally like to avoid the mess. Really helpful.

  • Posted On August 14, 2020 by Amber Ashli

    Thank you so much for this guide. I often notice that the handles of my bags get worn out. I’ll certainly use twilies now :)

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