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“I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit” --Michael Kors. We’ve got the accessories to make your outfit really pop: from Hermès scarves and Chanel shoes to hats, designer belts and fine jewelry, all available to you at less-than-retail prices!

John Hardy

John Hardy Sterling Silver Scaled Ring
Size : 6.5,


Dolce & Gabanna

Dolce & Gabanna Logo Corset Lace Up Belt Black Gold
Size : Small,




Accessory: an item which can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive! We have everything from bold designer costume jewelry to that elusive designer scarf you've been searching for – so take a look!

We stock beautiful pre-loved items from a host of luxury designers such as Valentino, Hermes, Gucci and Chanel. Whatever your style, we've got something great to finish the look. 

Used designer jewelry - Chanel choker necklace

Accessorize to maximize impact

"The perfect accessory can make the difference between looking 'blah' and totally to die for..." - Michael Kors

There are a hundred subtle ways to enhance your outfit with an accessory or two, but why bother? As Michael so elegantly put it; adding an extra item to your outfit is the best way to make your look unique. Anyone can wear Prada pants if they choose, but you are the only person who can pair them with a Fendi belt or a striking pair of Bottega Veneta boots.

Accessories let you express your inner style, they can give an outfit more versatility too. Just think; investing in an Alexander McQueen shirt may seem extravagant, however, if you know that you can adorn it with designer jewelry or cinch it in at the waist with a sleek belt – that shirt becomes a key item in your wardrobe.

 Designer costume jewelry - Chanel pearl necklace

Be practical and proud!

"Accessories are everything. To me, they’re more important than the clothes." - Rachel Zoe

When you think of a fashion accessory it can be easy to assume that this item is something that's sole purpose is to enhance your over-all look. This is true to an extent, yet there are so many reasons why a small adornment can be the saving grace of your outfit.

Scarves are a perfect example of the practical and pretty. You can change the use of a scarf from a 'neck warmer', to a hair tie, and even a belt! Let's face it, we have all experienced that time when we arrive at our destination and the weather isn't quite what we expected, or something on our outfit breaks... or maybe we are feeling self-conscious... using your accessories in alternative, unexpected ways can really boost your confidence!

Designer costume jewelry - Chanel earrings

Why not browse our selection of scarves, belts, necklaces, hats, shoes, boots and brooches? One of our favorite fashion hacks is to wear a brooch in place of a missing button; it's practical and quickly breathes new life into a garment. Let your accessory become your statement piece.


Used designer jewelry – your ticket to success!

Here's the thing about luxury costume jewelry and public perception: it speaks volumes. You can be wearing the cheapest faux silk blouse, with the most basic pants and shoes, but the moment you put on those Chanel CC logo earrings or slip that Christian Dior pear bracelet onto your wrist, the outfit is immediately elevated. You can step out in style, feeling a million dollars! Why not find your new favorite addition to your collection at CODOGIRL?

In addition to designer accessories, we also offer a carefully curated collection of used designer bags. You can browse all bags in one place or you can skip specifically to used Hermes bags collection and sort and filter the offerings in a manner convenient to you. Happy shopping!

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