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Since its founding in Florence in 1921, Gucci always had a focus on high quality craftsmanship rooted in Florentine leather works. The company started off making top notch equestrian leather products, then transitioned towards their signature leather loafers, chic garments and luxurious handbags. Gucci is best known for their wide array of quality material choices, such as its signature monogrammed canvas and Guccissima leather, and iconic hardware styles, such as the interlocking GG, the horsebit and the Gucci Crest. Gucci's current popularity with both its vintage and contemporary products has led to an impressive Gucci bag resale market. CODO's inventory of used Gucci bags frequently features iconic vintage styles, gently pre-owned Gucci handbags, garments and accessories. We hope you enjoy browsing our guaranteed authentic collection of gently used Gucci bags, accessories and clothing. If you would like to sell your own Gucci items with us click “SELL” in the main menu.


Gucci Fitted Jacket by Tom Ford Black
Size : Small,



Gucci GG Logo Web Stripe Swimsuit Black
Size : X-Small,



Gucci Fitted Ruffled Midi Dress Black
Size : Small,



Gucci Silk Tulle Mini Skirt Black
Size : Medium,


Authentic pre-owned Gucci handbags, clothing and accessories at CODOGIRL™.

At CODOGIRL, we have a special love for Gucci because their styles and designs have always been so trend-setting. We frequently stock signature items, such as pre-owned Gucci bags featuring iconic stylistic elements like the rare bamboo handles, horsebit and piston hardware. 

We also carry some of the finest garments and accessories Gucci has to offer, from their luxurious scarves to beautiful dresses and tops that are guaranteed to turn heads. 

All of our gently used Gucci bags, clothing and accessories have been professionally authenticated, and are backed by a Lifetime Money-Back Authenticity Guarantee. Be confident browsing our authenticated Gucci inventory, all while saving up to 70% off retail prices!


Why should I buy a lightly used Gucci handbag? 

The brand has some of the richest history in all of fashion. Loved and worn by fashion icons like Jackie Kennedy to today’s superstars and celebrities, Gucci sits at the top of the fashion industry, along with some other well known brands. For the same reasons, Gucci handbags and designer items are very expensive when purchased brand new. 

Not everyone has several thousands to spend on their favorite piece, but buying them pre-owned can save you up to 70% off retail for a bag in excellent condition. 

When you shop Gucci bag resale, you know you are getting the same incredible quality and lustrous styles of a brand new handbag that you’d find in a retail boutique. However, because you got the same bag in great condition for half, or even 70% off the retail price, you will feel more comfortable actually wearing and enjoying it daily. 

In fact, for the same price as a brand new Gucci bag in the retail store, you will be able to buy two pre-owned bags; perhaps a tote or shoulder bag for everyday carry, and a clutch or flap bag for special occasions. 

Buying a lightly used Gucci item has another very important benefit over retail: it is the sustainable fashion choice. 

More and more people are becoming aware of the consequences of the fashion industry, primarily being resource intensive and the second largest industrial polluter after oil and energy. The best way to combat fashion pollution and assist in the decarbonization efforts is to buy pre-owned handbags, garments and accessories. 


Why is shopping pre-owned Gucci sustainable?

The benefits of buying pre-owned are real and many. The most emissions and pollution emitted by the fashion industry are during the production phase and end-of-life phase. Firstly, by buying something pre-owned, you eliminate the need to produce something new in the first place. How does this add up?

That leather Gucci bag, for example, was likely made from a cow, which needs a lot of space and resources during its lifetime. Then, the leather sourced from the cow requires significant manufacturing inputs, from tanning and drying to finishing. 

The reason why designer fashion is more sustainable in the first place is that it is typically handmade, with an artisanal quality that can last you a lifetime. Buying one pre owned extends its useful life and therefore lowers its carbon footprint.

Another great benefit is that, if you bought your gently used bag on the resale market, you can often sell it at a similar price as you paid for it. In some cases, if the bag is rare, vintage or a classic Gucci style, it can appreciate over the years and you can sell it for more than you paid.

Of course, doing so continues to extend your handbag’s life onto the next owner, and thus completes the cyclical fashion model. It is sustainable, renewable and fun!

Why should I shop Gucci at CODOGIRL™? 

All new and used Gucci bags, garments and accessories have been carefully vetted and authenticated. Every item we sell is backed by our Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee - most resellers’ authenticity guarantees expire after the return period - ours lasts for life!

At CODOGIRL you can often find vintage Gucci bags, rare leather handbags and collectible Jackie O hobo bags. Many items are typically no longer available in retail boutiques, and frequently cost significantly more in private transactions or auctions.

Looking for that specific handbag or special vintage and don’t see it in our inventory? Drop us a note and we will try to help you find what you are looking for.


Sell your gently used Gucci items.

Do you have a new or pre-owned Gucci bag, accessory or garment you would like to sell? We make selling your Gucci items easy and hassle free. Get paid for your Gucci and other designer items in as little as 3 simple steps

How does it work? You submit three photos and basic information about your item(s) online via our sell page. We will reply promptly with 1) a cash offer, 2) a consignment estimate and 3) a free shipping label (hint: you will typically get more for your item via consignment, but by accepting the cash offer you will get paid right away). 

Should you choose to continue, send your item to our showroom using the free shipping label provided. 

Upon arrival, your item will be inspected and authenticated. Providing that your item is authentic, they will be professionally photographed, staged and listed on our online marketplace, as well as displayed in our showroom to give in-person clients a chance to shop during or after their private appointment. 

We have all the best resources to sell your Gucci for the best price: from professional photography to advanced online marketing strategies and advertising tools to attract the interested buyer. If you accepted a cash offer, we will make a payment upon receiving and authenticating your item.

If you accepted our consignment offer, you will get paid once your item sells. Choose how you get paid: check, PayPal, Venmo or store credit. 

Throughout the entire process, you can stay in control via your personal seller account. See the status of your items for sale, history of items sold, as well as any commission payable or already paid to you. 

Unlike other resellers, we never charge any hidden fees and do not heavily discount your products. Selling your designer items with CODOGIRL is super easy, fun and hassle-free. Sell you pre-owned designer items today! 


Would you like to learn more about Gucci?

Be sure to check out our CODOGIRL Fashion Journal, where we frequently publish exciting new designer fashion content. Here you will find everything from an informative Gucci handbag authentication guide to blog-style posts about the latest trends, which handbags to invest in, how to buy or sell your designer fashion and more!



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