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Coco Chanel revolutionized the world of high fashion (haute couture) and everyday fashion (prêt-à-porter) by replacing the opulent, over-designed, and cumbersome clothing of her time with garments that are both functional and flattering to a woman's figure. She was the first couturier to create a fringy tweed jacket, fashionable women’s pantsuit, and her iconic little black dress. Chanel became particularly known for her 2.55 double-flap leather handbag, first introduced to the public on February 5th, 1955. Fun fact: the first Chanel 2.55 double flap leather bag retailed for $220. Vintage 2.55 handbag models also featured real gold in the chain and hardware! We hope you will enjoy shopping our guaranteed authentic Chanel collection that we carefully curated for you. CODOGIRL has been a trusted luxury reseller of pre-owned Chanel handbags and clothing since 2010. While our showroom is located in Greenwich, CT, we ship to anywhere worldwide. As an award-winning business, let us help you buy or sell your preloved Chanel handbags, clothing or accessories.


CHANEL Cashmere Zipper Sweater Lavender
Size : Small,



CHANEL CC Leather Tweed Fringe Jacket Pink
Size : x-small,



CHANEL Fantasy Tweed Ruffle Top Black
Size : Small,



CHANEL Cashmere Logo Runway Sweater White
Size : Medium,


CHANEL Cashmere CC Logo La Pausa Stripe Sweater White


CHANEL CC Logo Knit Leather Jacket Red
Size : Medium,


How Do We Authenticate Pre-owned Chanel Handbags and Clothing ?

Shop with confidence: since our opening in 2010, all of the products we sell come with a Lifetime Money-Back Authenticity Guarantee. Unlike other resellers, whose fine-print authenticity guarantees expire in 30 days or after the return period, our policy is no-frills and remains so for life. 

Chanel products, and especially Chanel handbags, are some of the most desired luxury items in the world; therefore it’s not surprising that counterfeiters frequently target the brand and that there are many fakes out there. 

At CODOGIRL, we diligently inspect every product, scrutinizing the quality of stitching, color patterns, hardware, screws, material, date stamps, zippers, logos, labels and many other aspects of each Chanel handbag, jacket, scarf, belt or jewelry. We do not have any quotas as some of the larger companies do so we give each product as much attention as needed to be 100% sure of its authenticity.

We source a substantial amount of our Chanel inventory locally from our well-established client base - including some high-profile individuals and celebrities - many of which we have been working with since our inception in 2010. Each Chanel bag is authenticated in-house and receives multiple sets of eyes before it is displayed on our shelves and professionally listed on our website.

To get some insight into our Chanel authentication process, be sure to read this Chanel handbag authentication guide, which contains many tips and tricks you can use to authenticate yourself.


Benefits of Buying Used Chanel Handbags and Clothing:

There are many reasons why Chanel bags are “the bag of a girl’s dreams”. They hold their value incredibly well: in fact, some used Chanel bags, like the quintessential black caviar CC flap, actually tend to appreciate over time. Vintage Chanel bags are also extremely desirable, as their quality and durability are unmatched. Chanel bags’ soft, supple leather, gleaming hardware and luxurious, hefty construction make them so desirable, but also very expensive. 

Buying pre-owned Chanel bags can save you a lot of money, however not all resellers are made equal. We make shopping resale Chanel bags worry-free. No more auctions or bidding, no more spending hours on forums or wondering whether that bag you bought is real. 

We strive to make authentic Chanel handbags as affordable and attainable as possible, so that all women can carry an authentic bag of their dreams. In fact, our customers can often save up to 70% off retail prices when shopping their favorite Chanel styles pre-owned. 

Another important benefit of buying resale Chanel bags is that you’re making the sustainable fashion choice. How is it sustainable? Buying a pre-owned item extends its lifespan, as well as replaces the need to buy something new. This lowers your fashion carbon footprint, as no additional resources were used. 

Besides, Chanel bags are the ultimate luxury made to last: the excellent craftsmanship ensures that they can last you years, even decades with the right care. That is why you will find many Chanel bags of 20+ years vintage looking as amazing as they did brand new (many of these vintage models used real gold in their hardware, too!)


Are You Looking to Sell a Pre-owned Chanel Bag? 

We offer 3 easy ways to sell your Chanel bag, jacket or accessory. You can schedule a free Virtual Consultation with one of our experts if you wish or simply submit 3-4 photos of your item and receive an estimate by email. You can also meet with one of our experts in person at our showroom in Greenwich, CT.

We offer a transparent commission schedule, do not charge any fees, price your items fairly and offer an overall excellent customer service. Checkout Google customer reviews here. Consigning used Chanel bags with CODOGIRL is easy and fun. 

How does it work? You fill out a simple form about your handbag, and include some photos you can take from your smartphone. We will get back to you promptly with both a cash offer for your handbag, as well as a consignment price estimate. Tip: consigning usually results in more money for you. Should you choose to continue, send your item to our showroom in Greenwich, CT using the free shipping label we provide you. 

From there, your handbag gets thoroughly authenticated by our luxury authenticators, and is then professionally photographed and listed on our website, as well as displayed in our showroom, affectionately described as ‘handbag heaven’ by many of our clients. This gives our in person clients, who tend to be collectors with a serious passion for fashion, a chance to buy your handbag during or after their private appointment. 

We have all the resources to get the best price for your handbag, from advanced online marketing strategies to our longtime loyal clientele, who often put in requests for specific handbags they love. Once your bag is sold, you get the exact percentage of the sale price according to our simple commission chart. 

Throughout the entire process, you stay in control with your personalized seller account, where you can access information like the status of your items for sale, history of items sold as well as any commission payable to you. Since 2010, customers around the world have trusted us to sell their coveted designer pieces. Sell with us today and become a CODOGIRL! 


Buy Authentic Chanel Handbags, Clothing, and Accessories at CODOGIRL™

At CODOGIRL, there is a Chanel bag for every woman, whether it’s a 2.55 flap bag, tote, messenger bag, clutch, bowling bag or wallet on chain (WOC). Made from the finest, softest quilted patent and caviar leathers with elegant, classy hardware, Chanel offers various flavors of luxury handbags. 

But it doesn’t end there: CODOGIRL offers a finely curated collection of pre-loved Chanel clothes, shoes, scarves, belts and jewelry to complete any outfit. 

Would you Like to Learn More About Chanel?

Be sure to check out our CODOGIRL Fashion Journal, where we frequently post interesting fashion content. You will find blog-style posts about the latest fashion trends, discussions about sustainability, as well as some of the best handbags to invest in. 

You will also find several informative authentication articles for handbags made by top designers like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and more! These are full of helpful tips to help you authenticate and spot fakes yourself!

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