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About CODOGIRL: designer resale and refashion

CODOGIRL is not your typical designer consignment store. We have created a hassle free online marketplace for those who love fashion and sustainability. Our goal is to provide the most exciting, affordable, and environmentally-friendly way to own and love luxury fashion. 

Buy and sell pre-owned designer handbags, luxury accessories, and garments made by top brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, and many more, saving up to 70% off of retail prices. 

Earn up to 70% commission by selling your used designer bags with us. Or, check out our unique, on-demand Refashion service that brings your vintage purse and clothing back to life. Save money and feel good about what you wear - it is sustainable!

Recognition by the United Nations

Our commitment to sustainable fashion has been recognized by the United Nations Climate Change (UNCC). On April 22nd, 2021, CODOGIRL was officially welcomed by the UNCC as a Signatory of the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action. 

We look forward to continuing to actively engage and collaborate with our peers in the fashion industry to help the environment and secure a greener tomorrow.

Customer service

Whether you are looking to buy or sell designer items, we always strive to provide prompt, personalized service. 

You can reach us with any questions at (203) 900-1600.  A customer service representative, not an automated service, will answer your call Monday through Saturday between 10am and 5pm EST. 

Or, email us at info@codogirl.com and receive a reply within one business day - we even frequently reply to inquiries during off hours. But don’t just take it from us. See what our customers are saying about their experience with CODOGIRL in the Google Reviews.

Learn how to authenticate top designer handbags

If you would like to learn more about authentication, be sure to check out our CODOGIRL Journal, complete with authentication guides for popular designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, and Hermes. We share tons of helpful tips that you can use to determine if your luxury handbag is the real deal. 

Louis Vuitton Authentication

Chanel Authentication

Gucci Authentication

Hermes Authentication

Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee

Authenticity is at the core of our business. We know how difficult it can be to buy and sell pre-loved designer bags with the amount of fakes out there: we come across them regularly during our authentication stages and see for ourselves how convincing they can be. 

We rigorously scrutinize every item that comes through our doors. That is why we provide our customers with a Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee - not one that expires after 30 days like many other luxury resellers out there do, but one that lasts a lifetime - guaranteed or your money back. 

Unlike many larger resellers that are pressured by the investor groups behind them to sell in large volumes - and often inevitably let fakes slip through the cracks - every item we receive gets the authentication scrutiny it deserves. 

From holograms and date codes to craftsmanship, materials and hardware, we have the authentication know-how to give you the peace of mind you expect when buying pre-owned luxury designer items. 

Why buy pre-owned designer bags at CODOGIRL?

• Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee

• Competitive pricing

• Free Shipping

• 0% APR Financing if you checkout using Affirm

• 30-day returns no questions asked

• Clear professional photography

• Quick response time by phone or email

🌱 The only truly sustainable reseller in the US. Check out our Refashion service

Why sell used handbags at CODOGIRL's designer consignment store?

• We offer cash upfront and consignment options

• Simple and transparent payout rates. No fees

• Fair pricing of your items, no aggressive discounting

• Over 12 years of established reputation

• 4.9 star Google reviews

• State of the art photography and quality listings

• In-store and online exposure

• Advanced online marketing strategies to attract interested buyers to your designer purse or accessory

How to sell my designer bag?

Got used designer bags or accessories you would like to consign or sell for upfront cash? CODOGIRL makes online luxury consignment safe, easy and fun. No hidden fees, no complicated commission structures and fair pricing.  After sending us three pictures of your item you will receive a cash and a consignment quote and a free shipping label. 

Just package and ship your item to our showroom. Once we receive your designer purse or other item we will authenticate it and issue a payment to you right away or take the item on consignment depending on the option that you selected. 

Your luxury piece will be professionally researched, photographed and listed online.  And we don’t just sell on the web - our showroom, located in Greenwich, CT is reserved for appointments only and constantly attracts high profile clients and celebrities with a passion for sustainability and vintage fashion.

You will remain in full control of your items and will be able to track their status with your personalized consignor account, where you can access a full history of your items for sale, items sold and the commission payable to you. 

Get started today and earn money for your designer fashion by submitting images of your items for a free quote.

What brands can I sell with CODOGIRL?

Click to see thelist of accepted brands. We specialize in the resale of pre-owned designer bags by Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci and many more, but we also buy and sell luxury jewelry, scarves, various accessories and garments. Check out ourrecent arrivalsand see if you have something similar.  

How is buying and selling designer bags “sustainable”?

The fashion industry - namely fast fashion - is among the dirtiest industries on the planet, responsible for overflowing landfills, polluting rivers and oceans with chemicals and emitting millions of tons of greenhouse gasses into our atmosphere - it is responsible for nearly 10% of the global carbon footprint. 

Rather than buying cheap fast fashion, buying high quality fashion is a much better choice environmentally, and for your wallet too if you’re buying pre-owned. Designer fashion is much higher quality, and in many cases can and will last you a lifetime if you take care of it properly. 

A designer consignment shop, whether online or in person, will give you the same exciting experience of buying the item retail, but at a much lower price. 

When buying a pre-owned designer handbag, an accessory or a garment, you are not contributing any further to the fashion carbon footprint because you are extending the lifespan of something already created. No new production or resources were used to produce your purchase. 

Likewise, when you sell or consign a luxury item, you are giving someone else the chance to own and love it for years to come. This is the core of our business model: giving our customers the best way to buy and sell designer bags, love what they wear and feel good about their fashion choices.

Refashion service

n service

What is Refashion? This is a sustainable practice in which a pre-existing garment, usually dated, damaged or vintage is upgraded with high-quality materials giving it a second life and turning it into something fabulous.

A client once came to us with her late father’s vintage shearling bomber jacket. She said it was very sentimental to her, but far too large for her to wear. We introduced our refashion solution, took her measurements and got to work.

The next week, we called her to pick up our new creation: a super chic women’s bomber jacket with a waistline belt and tapered fit. Tears came to her eyes as she put it on: her father’s jacket fitting her snugly and keeping her warm with the original vintage shearling trim.

The retail equivalent would have no sentimental value and cost her several thousand dollars. This is what Refashion is to us: preserving the memories, helping the environment by giving a new life to an existing product, and saving our clients’ money.

We also offer a unique custom handbag painting service that is a great way to enhance a vintage bag. Many of our clients have asked for custom bag painting on newer handbags, but painting over vintage bags really makes them pop and turn into contemporary sensations.

See some examples of custom painted handbags including Goyard, Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton! 

Vintage bags and more

At CODOGIRL, we love working with vintage Chanel, Hermes and Gucci as well as vintage brands like Paco Rabanne, Claude Montana, Pierre Cardin and Jean-Paul Gaultier among others.

Our appreciation for the history of vintage fashion houses earned us the Best of Westchester award in the vintage category twice. Enjoy browsing our carefully curated collection of vintage designer handbags, garments and accessories.


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"I sold and consigned a few bags here at Codogirl, it was quick and easy! I wasn’t there to shop but they have a BEAUTIFUL collection of bags to purchase!"

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