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Published: Nov 29, 2020

Louis Vuitton is an icon of the designer handbag and accessory world, and for good reason. Pioneering and perfecting the craft of their luxurious monogrammed canvas, Louis Vuitton has since incorporated this staple material in nearly all of its creations, from their very first luxury travel trunks of the 1850s to today’s most popular handbags and accessories. 

When it comes to luggage and travel bags, many designers offer an array of products, but Louis Vuitton always distinguishes itself as the most popular choice. Why is it worth it to buy authentic Louis Vuitton luggage? Because LV made a name for itself creating durable, rugged yet luxurious luggage, and the same qualities that travelers raved about over 100 years ago still hold true today. 

Let’s talk about the three different types of luggage and travel bags offered by Louis Vuitton and why you may want to invest in one. 

1. Louis Vuitton Pegase and Horizon Suitcases (retail $2,900-$4,100)

For serious travelers looking to carry their belongings in style, there are two main types of Louis Vuitton monogram luggage: the Pegase and the Horizon. The Pegase is a beautiful, contemporary small suitcase available in 6 sizes: 45, 50, 55, 60, 65 and 70. Sizes 45-55 are ideal for carry-on baggage for air travel, yet they still open up to reveal a spacious and secure interior for your belongings. 

You will find the Pegase in two exterior styles: the traditional brown LV Monogram canvas, and the Damier (checkered) monogram canvas. The Pegase is incredibly durable due to its solid interior frame, coupled with reinforced vachetta cowhide tubing holding the scratch-resistant monogram canvas together. 

The handles are also reinforced with vachetta cowhide, and the telescoping handle allows you to roll it along comfortably. Brand new Louis Vuitton luggage prices are in the thousands, but you can find them for under one thousand on the designer bag resale market.

Louis Vuitton Suitcase Pegase 55

Caption: the LV Pegase 55 in the traditional LV monogram canvas. While it is ultra-luxurious, you can tell that it is built rugged to withstand the stresses of travel. 

Louis Vuitton Suitcase Pegase 55 in Damier Graphite

Caption: the LV Pegase 50 in Damier Graphite. The Damier canvas provides a more contemporary look, but still remains undoubtedly a statement of Louis Vuitton’s refinement and luxury. This example is the “business” version, featuring additional zipped pockets, three Louis Vuitton locks and thick, durable zippers.

The Louis Vuitton Horizon suitcase embodies the ultimate contemporary luxury suitcase. Sitting atop four rolling wheels, the Horizon has an ultra rigid exterior frame, which allows the interior to be very flat and surprisingly spacious. This small suitcase can carry a lot more than you would think! 

You can find it in sizes 50, 55 and 70, and, like the Pegase, both in LV monogram canvas and Damier monogram canvas. Recently added to Louis Vuitton’s luggage line, the Horizon now also comes in a “Soft” variant, filling the middle ground between a small suitcase and a duffle bag. 

Louis Vuitton Horizon Suitcases

Caption: (Left) the regular LV Horizon suitcase is a more typical, rigid suitcase. (Middle) the LV Horizon Soft does not have the rigid structure of the regular Horizon, but rather is more of a duffle-bag-on-wheels. (Right) a cute and innovative way of travelling with your Horizon - if you’re lucky enough to have an LV Speedy 30 too! 

2. LV Garment Bag / Weekend Bag (retail: $1,700-$3,800)

Built around one purpose - to protect your formal garments - the garment bag is one of the most important travel accessories to have. Whether you are a business professional traveling for a meeting, or on the way to a formal event, the garment bag is invaluable because it will protect your suit, blouse or dress from wrinkles and stretches, which would otherwise inevitably occur inside a suitcase. 

A typical garment bag opens in half like a vertical book, revealing ample space for multiple outfits. They are either organized via large zippered pockets where you can slide your outfits inside, or they might have an area for clothes hangers. 

These types of bags are perfect for overnight or weekend journeys where you only need a few outfits, thus some designers also call them “weekend bags”. We love garment bags for all the above reasons, but also for the fact that they are generally unisex and fit any type of garment. 

Louis Vuitton Garment Bag
Vintage Louis Vuitton Garment Bag

Caption: Two vintage Louis Vuitton garment bag styles. The first is the more traditional style with a zipper going down the middle, which you would then fold over in half and carry with the top handle. The second is a little newer and has more features, like multiple interior zipper compartments, heavier duty vachetta leather trim and LV hardware, as well as a carrying strap. 

3. Louis Vuitton Keepall Duffle Bag (retail $2,000-$3,000)

The most popular designer duffle is without doubt the Louis Vuitton Keepall series of bags, offered in 4 sizes: 45, 50, 55 and 60. It serves as the step-up in size for the even more popular LV Speedy bag (the largest Speedy available is the 40). 

You will find this gorgeous bag in two versions: the regular Keepall and the Keepall Bandouliere, which features a shoulder strap. A feature of every LV Keepall bag is the incredibly durable construction, even though the bag itself doesn’t have any rigid frame. This is because, like other Louis Vuitton hand luggage, the Keepall’s monogram canvas is reinforced by vachetta leather. 

The Keepall is one of Louis Vuitton’s most popular bags because of its style, versatility and durability. You can even find them in the Takashi Murakami collection. Another notable feature of the Keepall is that it is truly a unisex bag by design, and is popular with both men and women around the world. 

Louis Vuitton Keepall Duffle Bags

Caption: (Left) the Keepall Bandouliere 55. (Middle) the Regular Keepall 55. (Right) the very popular limited edition PVC Monogram Keepall 50 iridescent prism. This edition is very special and collectible, in many cases commanding more on the resale market than the original retail price.

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