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Winter Is Coming

On October 19th, 2019, CODO hosted its annual Fall/Winter collection fashion show. This year’s collection, called “Winter is Coming”, was all about fighting back against the fast fashion industry that destroys our environment and regularly violates human rights. Featuring vintage coats and garments refashioned with pre-existing luxurious materials, CODO showed its audience an alternative and eco-friendly definition of “brand new” fashion. The event was designed to raise awareness to the perils of fast fashion, and show fashion consumers what steps they can take to slow down fast fashion. By increasing the lifespan of their existing fashion, investing in high quality fashion that will last a lifetime and buying pre-owned, consumers can slow the demand that fuels the fast fashion industry.

The runway show gained its inspiration from the award-winning HBO series Game of Thrones, drawing symbolism from Khaleesi and “breaking the chains” that fast fashion polluters have put us in. The runway was littered with snowflakes and plastic bottles, drawing parallels to the inevitable consequences that will ensue as fast fashion, and its landfill waste byproduct, continue to grow. CODO’s models walked confidently down the runway, feeling beautiful and powerful while knowing their fashion choices are environmentally conscious. As they made their return off the runway, they picked up plastic bottles and placed them in reusable canvas shopping bags marked with the CODO sustainable logo. The show was made up of 9 episodes; each outfit draws unique symbolism from its corresponding Game of Thrones episode. If you've seen the award winning TV series, try and see your favorite parts in each outfit! 

Episode 1: Breaker of Chains

'Breaker of Chains was presented by our model, Kate Blech (@kate.blech). It's a powerful look designed for the colder fall and winter months, featuring vintage and refashioned signature pieces. 

This look's main parts:

CODO's brand new "LOVE" 2-ply Cashmere Sweater Dress

CODO's Vegan Leather Leggings

CODO Refashioned Black Fur Knit Jacket 

CHANEL Globe Trotter Vintage Bag

CHANEL Chains Runway Sunglasses

Episode 2: Valar Morghulis

Valar Morghulis presented by our model, Maddy Dunn (@maddycaroline). Featuring refashioned fur and tweed jacket, vintage wool skirt and snake boots, Brunello Cucinelli clutch, this look is super stylish and looks like something Khaleesi would wear. 

This look's main parts: 

CODO Refashioned Fox Fur Tweed Jacket

Vintage Princess Wool Skirt

Bottega Venetia Python Boots

Brunello Cucinelli Taupe Clutch

Episode 3: The North Remembers

Delivered by our stunning codogirl, Odessa Beatty (@odessabeatty), this look features a powerful multi-tiered skirt and a unique fox fur muff bag that can be work around the hands in the cold. 

This looks main parts:

CODO Heather Grey Tiered Tulle Skirt

CODO Refashioned Chloe Suede Crop Jacket

CODO Russian Silver Fox Muff Messenger Bag 

Vince Grey Cashmere Turtleneck

Episode 4: Stormborn

Stormborn was presented by our beautiful codogirl and model, Anastasia Mika (@anastasia_model1). A regal and classy look that makes a statement, Stormborn features the Sustainable Fashion Runway Show's theme of refashioned tweed and fur. 

This look's main parts: 

CODO Tween Jacket with Fur Collar

CODO Fur Hand Muff Bag

CODO Refashioned Chanel Vintage Tweed Pants

Episode 5: You Win or You Die! 

Our model Kate brought the house down with this look, featuring elegant refashioned sable over CODO's signature Vegan Leather Leggings

This look's main parts: 

CODO Russian Barguzin Sable Cardigan

CODO Black Vegan Leather Leggings

Bottega Venetia Vintage Woven Baguete Bag

Episode 6: The Iron Throne

Our codogirl Maddy dominated the runway with this powerful silhouette. The vintage houndstooth cape is perfect for those chilly fall days and is refashioned to be extra stylish without harming the environment! 

This look's main parts: 

CODO Refashioned Wool Vintage Houndstooth Cape Coat 

CODO Fur Hand Muff Bag 

CODO Black Fingerless Gloves

Episode 7: Dark Wings, Dark Words

In a powerful statement of refashioned elegance, our codogirl Odessa owned the runway in Look 7. Featuring super soft and warm curly lamb fur refashioned into a chic, modern outfit, Look 7 would be something Audrey Hepburn would wear. Fun fact, the coat was made from a recycled jacket which was spared from the landfills and given new life with existing curly lamb trim! 

This look's main parts: 

CODO Refashioned Black Curly Lamb Fur Coat

CODO Refashioned Black Curly Lamb Mini Sac

Vintage 100% Cashmere Pink Scarf

Episode 8: A Golden Crown

Presented by our model, Anastasia Mika, the 8th look is a complete jaw-dropper. The gold pleated maxi skirt, accented by CODO's refashioned lace and fur jacket captivated the audience. A true golden crown indeed!

This look's main parts: 

CODO Refashioned Lace and Fur Jacket

Gold Vintage Python Mini Sac 

Alice & Olivia Gold Pleated Maxi Skirt 

Louboutin Heels 

Grand Finale: The Long Night

The grand finale of CODO's 2019 Sustainable Fashion Runway Show was presented by the gorgeous, invincible Carina Crain (@carina_crain). She rocked the house in a Moncler Runway Down Coat and CODO's Silver Fox Muff Messenger Bag and gave the audience something to smile about. 

This look's main parts: 

CODO Curated Moncler Runway Down Coat 

CODO Russian Silver Fox Muff Messenger Bag

This year's show was all about raising awareness about the consequences of fast fashion, and provide some guidance about what we can do to fight back. CODO thanks its beautiful models for rocking the show, its wonderful audience for being there to support such an important cause, and, of course, the collection's designer, CODO co-founder Yulia Omelich! 

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