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Is it time to let go? We make cash and consignment offers for your designer handbags and accessories.

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In our ever-modernizing world of bright lights, flashing screens and rapidly changing fashion trends, it can be refreshing to pause and take a step back. Wear that reissue 2.55 flap bag or vintage Chanel tweed jacket and be instantly transported to another era of simpler, classier times. Fashion trends are cyclical, but the vintage look is always bound to make a statement everywhere you go. Browse our curated collection of vintage handbags and clothing by Chanel, Hermes, Gucci, Fendi, Bottega Veneta and more. At CODOGIRL, we have a special love for designer vintage handbags. Our deep appreciation for vintage designer history coupled with our exquisite collection of vintage fashion has earned us the Best of Westchester award in the vintage category - two years in a row!

Bill Blass

Bill Blass Sequin Hand Made Midi Skirt Gold
Size : Small,



CHANEL CC Logo Leather Gloves Sky Blue
Size : X-Small,



CHANEL CC Logo Leather Gloves White Black
Size : X-Small,



CHANEL CC Logo Leather Gloves Grey White
Size : X-Small,



CHANEL CC Logo Leather Gloves Navy Gold
Size : Small,


Adolfo New York

Adolfo New York Vintage Tweed Jacket Skirt Set Beige
Size : X-Small,


Should you buy a vintage designer handbag or vintage designer clothing?

In the world of luxury designer fashion, vintage offers a unique outlet for your individual style and creativity. When you wear something vintage, there is a great chance that you have something that nobody else does, whether it’s a vintage tweed Chanel jacket, a designer vintage handbag, collectible Hermes scarf or vintage jewelry. 

One of the best reasons to shop vintage, however, is the attainable price you can find these items for. You could save thousands of dollars buying a vintage designer bag compared to retail in the boutiques, but you get the same luxury and quality for a better price. 

Designer vintage handbag - Celine mini

Some things get better with age. Pre-owned Louis Vuitton handbags, for example, have a special quality that many collectors look for. Over time, the vachetta leather used in the handles and trim acquire a darker patina that complements the brown monogram canvas. 

Along with the leather, the stitching also changes color over time, giving the bag a very unique appearance. For these reasons, along with the attractive prices, vintage Louis Vuitton has acquired quite the following, and these bags sell very quickly on the resale market. 

Vintage designer clothing - Chanel tweed jacket

Another example is vintage Chanel - many fashionistas absolutely love the vintage Coco Chanel look, with the tweed jackets, black mini dresses and quintessential quilted leather flap bags. 

The vintage Chanel 2.55 bags in particular are incredibly popular because they have real gold in their hardware, and their craftsmanship resulted in a luxurious, hefty construction that feels great in the hands. It’s a trend that will never go away, and likely get more and more popular over time. 

Don't forget the accessories! Vintage jewelry by Chanel is perfect for accenting any outfit. 

 Vintage designer jewelry - Chanel earrings

Are you looking to sell a vintage designer bag?

We work with many well recognized luxury brands, but also love working with such vintage designers as Paco Rabanne, Emanuel Ungaro, Pucci, Thierry Mugler, Claude Montana and Jean-Paul Gaultier, Pierre Cardin and Kenzo. 

Many vintage designer bags are passed down from generation to generation, and you might be surprised at the value they have retained or gained over the years. For example, you could find vintage Chanel flap bags that are over 20 years old still able to command thousands of dollars on the resale market! 

This is due to a number of reasons. Firstly, designers like Chanel are vastly popular and coveted - always have been, always will be. Many vintage handbags were also made during a time when the craftsmanship quality and materials were unmatched - vintage Chanel bags actually had real gold in their hardware! 

The rarity of these bags also causes them to appreciate over time, so they make for great investments as well. 

It is our business to help you sell designer bags and accessories. The process is simple: send us three photos of your item(s) and some basic information, and we will respond promptly with a cash offer, a consignment estimate and a FREE shipping label (hint: accepting our cash offer will get you paid faster, but consignment usually nets you more money). 

Should you choose to continue, package and ship your items to our showroom located at 55 Lewis Street, Greenwich, CT 06830, where we will inspect and authenticate them.

Your items will then be professionally photographed and listed on our online marketplace, as well as in our showroom so our in-person clients can have a chance to see them during or after their private appointments. Once your item sells, choose how you want to get paid with our flexible payment options, including: check, PayPal, Zelle, Venmo or store credit! 


What makes vintage fashion so special?

Wear a vintage designer handbag like a Chanel 2.55 flap bag over your shoulder, or put on that long-discontinued Hermes scarf, and instantly transport yourself to classier times. Vintage fashion is like a wearable time capsule, containing a rich history within elegant designs. 

The best part about buying vintage - especially vintage handbags - is that you know that anywhere you go, you are carrying a rare piece. You are bound to receive compliment after compliment. People will ask, “where did you get that bag?” And with a smile, you’ll reply, “thanks, it’s vintage.” 

Besides their rarity, uniqueness and visual appeal, designer vintage bags have another huge benefit: sustainability. The modern day fashion industry is the world’s second biggest industrial polluter, after oil production and energy. 

The production of new textiles, whether cotton or synthetic, and the manufacture of leather goods are both highly resource intensive and pollute the environment. The best way to counteract these consequences is by avoiding purchasing new items. 

When you buy something vintage, you are extending the lifespan of that item - and, if it’s a high quality designer piece, it can easily last a lifetime. By increasing the useful life of that item, you spread its initial carbon footprint over a longer period of time, thus lowering its impact, as well as negating the need to produce something new. 

We are very passionate about sustainable fashion and eco-friendly fashion consumption, and for this reason offer a large selection of vintage fashion in our collection. 

Vintage, refashion and sustainability

CODOGIRL offers a specialty, in-house service called Refashion, where we take our clients’ dated or vintage pieces and upgrade them with existing luxurious materials to make them into contemporary sensations. Do you have a vintage fur coat or garment that could use a fashion upgrade, or a vintage designer handbag that needs some TLC? 

CODOGIRL has you covered. Popular Refashion projects include handbags that are personalized with custom bag painting, done in-house by our artist, and vintage coat repair and upgrades with fur trims. 

Why Refashion? It’s an integral part of the solution to the fashion industry’s biggest consequences. Fast Fashion dominates the clothing industry, and is incredibly resource intensive and detrimental to the environment, releasing toxic chemicals into our waterways and millions of tons of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. 

One of the best ways to combat this is of course to buy pre-owned items rather than new, but also extending the life of your current wardrobe via Refashion. 

Using all pre-existing materials, our Refashion program extends the life of your garments and handbags in a fun, creative and sustainable way, without the need of additional resources or emissions related to production. It is truly a carbon neutral process and adds a unique touch to your style. 

Why shop vintage at CODOGIRL?

We specialize in finding the rarest, most exciting vintage fashion and everything we sell has been professionally authenticated. We back every designer piece that we sell with a Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee. Shop confidently with CODOGIRL and find your vintage treasure today. Learn more about CODOGIRL. 



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